Choosing a Home Vanity

If you want a beautiful vanity, there are many great options for you to consider. You can get a classic one or choose a modern vanity. You can find one with an integrated bowl and backsplash. You can also get a vanity that has a chandelier-like light fixture. If you are looking for a vanity that is functional and beautiful, you should try a mirrored one.

Bathroom vanities are a common addition to any bathroom. They combine a sink, countertop, and mirror and are an essential part of bathroom remodeling. Vanities also come in many different styles and materials. In addition to serving as a sink, bathroom vanities can include lighting, architectural styling details, and built-in shelves. Before indoor plumbing became common, a vanity was located in a person’s bed chamber, but today, it is a central part of a bathroom.

A vanity can be narrow or large. If the space is limited, a smaller vanity may be a better option. For example, the vanity designed by Darla DeMorrow is only 15 inches wide, but still has plenty of storage. You can also choose how long the countertop is. Some decorators like to extend the countertop from wall to wall, while others like it shorter.

Wooden bathroom vanities have a warm, rustic look. However, they are more expensive than those made of other materials. If you decide to buy solid wood, make sure to purchase one with a protective layer to avoid warping in humid environments. Otherwise, you can also buy a cheaper one made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). MDF is water-resistant and easy to clean. You can even choose a vanity with a glass sink stand.

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