How HOA Management Can Help Keep Your Community Running Smoothly

How HOA Management Can Help Keep Your Community Running Smoothly A company that specializes in HOA management can help keep the community hoa specialists – running smoothly. The services of a HOA management company don’t only include compliance with state laws, but they also work with the board and homeowners to create a sense of community. A management company also serves as a vital point of communication, and won’t keep secrets from its homeowners. The company will make available all the information homeowners need to be aware of, from a contact list to documents related to future planning. A company can even work with an attorney appointed by the board to handle any legal action that might be necessary. A property manager oversees all aspects of a community, including vendors, the landscaping, pool management, renovations, security, and more. They also work with the board to establish communications and distribute important notices. A property manager can even plan and conduct board meetings and oversee elections. In addition, managers can also oversee vendors and ensure contracts are followed. Before hiring a HOA management company, it’s important to find out what they’ll charge for the service. While some companies charge a flat termination fee, others will charge a percentage of the remaining months of the contract. For example, if you’re paying $1000 per month for HOA management, you’ll be responsible for paying a termination fee of up to $10k.